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Rota Management and Out of Hours Support

360’s Case Managements Rota Management Service ensures that your care is delivered round the clock and meets your needs.

And when you need support, even if it’s out of hours, the 360 Support Team is just a phone call away.


Rota Management

Delivering round-the-clock complex and clinical care needs careful management. Days off, sickness and annual leave all have to be factored in, making rota management a complicated and time-consuming job.

The priority is ensuring that the client has the support that they require from their team. Sickness, absence and holidays can affect the efficiency of the care provided.

360’s Rota Management Service will endeavour to manage any gaps in the rota for the client and their families. This is for unexpected absence as well as forward planning of staff rotas.

Specialist Rota Management Services are also available to other Case Management companies looking for professional and specialist support for their clients. To find out more, call 0333 101 4015 or if you prefer, you can send your initial enquiry by

Out of Hours Support Team

360’s Out of Hours Support Team is there for the client and their family to communicate concerns or to ask for advice, if needed.

The Out of Hours Support Team will communicate with your Case Manager or other Specialists to take advice if required.

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